§8-26A-4. Municipality or county may establish historic landmarks commission; appointments; detailed provisions to be provided by ordinance or order; appropriation of funds.
Any municipality by ordinance and any county by order of the county commission entered of record may, if it so desires, establish a municipal historic landmarks commission or county historic landmarks commission, hereinafter in this article referred to as the commission, to consist of five members, appointed by the mayor or county commission, as the case may be.

In any such ordinance or order, the governing body shall include provisions specifying (a) the terms of the members of such commission; (b) a method of filling vacancies; (c) whether the members of the commission are to be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in the performance of their duties; (d) the officers of the commission to be elected from the membership thereof; (e) requirements as to meetings of the commission; (f) requirements as to a quorum of the commission; (g) requirements as to voting by members of the commission; and (h) such other matters as may be deemed necessary or desirable for the proper functioning of the commission. In the event the ordinance or order establishing such commission shall authorize the commission to issue certificates of appropriateness, the ordinance or order shall require a majority of the members to have demonstrated special interest, experience or education in history, architecture, planning, real estate or law, to the extent such persons are available in the community. In establishing such a commission and making appointments to it, a local governing body may seek the advice of any national, state or local historical agency, society or organization.

Any such commission may also be authorized and empowered by any such ordinance or order to employ, within the limits of funds available therefor, such employees, assistants, technical personnel and consultants as are necessary to discharge the duties and responsibilities of the commission.

Any municipality or county establishing any such commission shall have plenary power and authority to appropriate funds to such commission for expenditure by the commission for the purposes of this article.