§9A-2-2. Funds collected from the federal government; others sources; use of funds.
The division of veterans' affairs is hereby authorized and directed to receive moneys from the federal government, any agency thereof, from state appropriations, from resident contributions or from any other appropriate source, for the purpose of maintaining the state veterans' home at Barboursville, which purpose shall include, but not limited to, expenditures for improvement and renovation of physical facilities, personal care costs and medical, nursing and dental services.

The money so collected shall be placed in special accounts according to the source of funds and limitation on the use of the funds. These accounts shall be administered by the director of the West Virginia division of veterans' affairs. These funds shall be deposited in the state treasury and paid out only on such vouchers as may be authorized and approved by the director of the West Virginia division of veterans' affairs, in the same manner and under the same restrictions as are now provided by law for the disbursement of funds by that division. These funds shall only be used as directed or restricted by the source of the funds.