§11A-3-26. Certificate of redemption issued by State Auditor; recordation; disposition of redemption money.
(a) Upon payment of the sum necessary to redeem, the State Auditor shall execute a certificate of redemption in quadruplicate, which certificate shall:

(1) Specify the real estate redeemed, or the part thereof or the interest in the real estate, as the case may be, together with any changes in respect to the real estate which were made in the landbook and in the record of delinquent lands;

(2) Specify the year or years for which payment was made; and

(3) State that it is a receipt for the money paid and a release of the tax lien on the real estate redeemed.

(b) The original certificate shall be retained in the files in the State Auditor's office, one copy shall be delivered to the person redeeming, one copy to the sheriff and one copy to be retained in the files of the clerk of the county commission. The clerk shall record the certificate in a separate volume provided for that purpose.

(c) The fee for issuing the certificate of redemption is $35, of which $10 of that amount shall be deposited in the Courthouse Facilities Improvement Fund created by section six, article twenty-six, chapter twenty-nine of this code.

(d) All certificates of redemption issued by the State Auditor in each year shall be numbered consecutively and shall be filed with the clerk of the county commission. Reference to the year and number of the certificate shall be included in the notation of redemption required in this section. No fee shall be charged by the clerk for any recordation, filing or notation required by this section.