§12-4-7. Annual report of auditor.
The annual report of the auditor shall be furnished to the governor by the thirty-first day of December following after the end of the fiscal year. It shall contain a statement of the receipts and disbursements, under the proper general heads, during the preceding fiscal year, and show the balance in the treasury at the beginning and end of that year. It shall also contain an estimate of the revenue and expenditures for the current year, with similar statements and estimates respecting the school fund. It shall show the indebtedness of the state and the balances standing at the end of the year to the credit of the several unexpired appropriations, specifying in each case the date when the appropriation was made. The report shall be accompanied with an explanation of the amounts of receipts and disbursements and the balances and estimates reported. In it the auditor shall point out any defects which may occur to him or her in the revenue laws. Furthermore, the auditor shall suggest the remedies for those deficits. If the auditor is of the opinion that the future revenue is likely to prove insufficient, then the auditor shall recommend plans for increasing the revenue and suggest new subjects of taxation, or additional taxes on the old, as he may deem proper.