§12-6D-2. Powers of the board.
     The board may:

(1) Adopt and use a common seal and alter it at pleasure;

(2) Sue and be sued;

     (3) Enter into contracts and execute and deliver instruments;

     (4) Acquire by purchase, gift or otherwise, hold, use and dispose of real and personal property, deeds, mortgages and other instruments;

     (5) Accept and receive gifts, grants and other moneys from any source;

     (6) Promulgate and enforce by-laws and rules for the management and conduct of its affairs;

     (7) Propose legislative rules, including emergency rules, in accordance with article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code to establish a user fee for the maintenance of the Enterprise Resource System;

     (8) Contract with and retain legal, accounting, financial and information technology managers, advisors and consultants;

     (9) Delegate to the committee any and all duties of the board deemed necessary and convenient to effectuate the intent of this article;

     (10) Review and ratify or overrule any decision of the steering committee;

     (11) Review written appeals submitted by the steering committee chairman at the request of a committee member; and

     (12) Do all things necessary or convenient to implement and operate the board and carry out the purposes of this article.