§13-1-2. Purposes for which bonds may be issued.
Debt may be incurred and bonds issued under this article for the purpose of acquiring, constructing and erecting, enlarging, extending, reconstructing or improving any building, work, utility or undertaking, or for furnishing, equipping and acquiring or procuring the necessary apparatus for any building, work, improvement or department, or for establishing and maintaining a library or museum for the public use, or a building or structure for educational purposes, or acquiring a recreation park for the public use, or for acquiring, constructing, furnishing, equipping and maintaining civic arenas, auditoriums, exhibition halls and theaters, or for other similar corporate purpose, or for the acquiring, constructing, maintaining, repairing, improving public roads and transportation facilities, for which the political division is authorized to levy taxes or expend public money. But no bonds shall be issued for the purpose of providing funds for the current expenses of any body or political division. Interest accruing during the construction period, that is to say, the time when an improvement is under construction and six months thereafter, shall be deemed a part of the cost of the improvement, and shall not be deemed current expenses. All engineering and inspection costs, including a proper proportion of the compensation, salaries and expenses of the engineering staff of the political division properly chargeable to any work or improvements, as determined by the governing body, or the estimated amount of such costs, shall be deemed part of the cost of an improvement. All costs and estimated costs of the issuance of bonds shall be deemed a part of the cost of the work or improvement, or of the property, or of the carrying out of the purposes for which such bonds are to be issued. The power to acquire or construct any building, work or improvement as herein provided shall be deemed to include the power to acquire the necessary lands, sites and rights-of-way therefor.

Bonds may also be issued by any municipality having a population of fifty thousand or more or by any county for the purpose of acquiring land and constructing a building or buildings for use and occupancy as a college. The proposal for such a bond issue shall contain a provision that there shall be created a commission or committee for the purpose of operating the building or buildings and for renting the same for an amount sufficient to pay the interest and sinking fund on the bonds proposed to be issued, and shall contain a further provision that in the event a sufficient amount is not realized from rent or rents for the purpose of meeting the debt service, then the city or county shall lay a levy for such purpose in an amount sufficient within the constitutional and statutory limitation to pay the interest and principal on such bonds as the same become due and payable. The proposal may also contain a provision that when the bonds and the interest thereon shall have been paid, then the title to the land and the building or buildings situated thereon may be transferred to the college to which the same have been rented.