§14-2B-6. Authority of prosecutor to make payments from escrow

account for the necessary expenses of protection of moneys paid into the escrow account; payment of moneys to defendant when charges dismissed prior to filing of interpleader action.

(a) The prosecutor may in his or her discretion, and without court approval, make such payments from the escrow account to such parties as may be necessary to preserve or maintain the moneys paid into the escrow account, provided the prosecutor finds that such payments would be in the best interests of any affected instrumentality of the state or political subdivision thereof or of the crime victims and would not be contrary to public policy.

(b) If, at any time prior to the filing of an interpleader action as authorized by this article, the charges against the defendant are dismissed or the defendant is acquitted of such charges in circumstances other than a finding by a court of record that the defendant is not criminally responsible for the commission of a crime by reason of mental illness, mental retardation or addiction, the prosecutor shall immediately pay over to such defendant all moneys, including accrued interest, in the escrow account established on behalf of such defendant.