§15-1D-5. Power of officers to arrest, disperse or quell persons rioting, etc.
After any person or persons, composing or taking part, or about to take part, in any riot, rout, mob, tumult, or unlawful combination or assembly mentioned in this article shall have been duly commanded to disperse, or when the circumstances are such that no such command is requisite under the provisions of this article, and the civil authority to whom such military force is ordered to report, or if there be no civil authority present, then such military officer acting within the limits provided in his orders shall take such steps for the arrest, dispersion, or quelling of the persons composing or taking part in any such mob, riot, tumult, outbreak, or unlawful combination or assembly mentioned in this article, as may be required, and if, in doing so, any person is killed, wounded, or otherwise injured, or any property injured or destroyed, by the civil authority or officer or member of the national guard, or other persons lawfully aiding them, such officer, member or person shall be held guiltless.