§15-1J-2. Legislative findings.
The Legislature finds that the West Virginia National Guard is a unique entity that has a dual mission for both West Virginia and the United States. In this dual capacity, the West Virginia National Guard receives funds to administer programs, including the hiring of employees, that the federal government, including the Department of Defense, provides to the guard in support of specific activities for various federal agencies for national security and homeland security purposes. These programs fulfill specific agency purposes and necessarily require continued funding by the federal government.

Additionally, the guard continues to receive federal funding to develop and maintain capabilities to house, refurbish, rebuild and maintain military equipment and conduct other test and operational activities to support national and homeland security objectives. These activities require the guard to hire persons who will be compensated, in whole or in part, with federal funds. It is further determined and declared that it is necessary for the guard to develop and implement a procedure for hiring and management of nonmilitary employees to support its specific missions.