§15-2C-4. Disclosure of information.

(a) The information contained in the central abuse registry is confidential, and may not be disclosed except as specifically provided in this section. The criminal identification bureau shall disclose the information described in subdivisions (1) through (3) and subdivision (5), subsection (b), section two of this article to any requester, except that the name of the victim of the act alleged shall not appear on the information disclosed and shall be stricken from any statement filed by an individual. The department of health and human resources shall certify, not later than fifteen days following the effective date of this section, the list of requesters authorized to obtain registry information, and shall inform the criminal identification bureau promptly of subsequent additions and deletions from the list. The information contained in the registry with respect to an individual shall be provided to that individual promptly upon request. Individuals on the registry requesting registry information shall be afforded the opportunity to file statements correcting any misstatements or inaccuracies contained in the registry. The criminal identification bureau may disclose registry information to authorized law-enforcement and governmental agencies of the United States and its territories, of foreign states and of the state of West Virginia upon proper request stating that the information requested is necessary in the interest of and will be used solely in the administration of official duties and the criminal laws. Agreements with otherstates providing for the reciprocal sharing of abuse registry information are specifically authorized.

(b) An active file on requests for information by requesters shall be maintained by the criminal identification bureau for a period of one year from the date of a request. If an individual who is the subject of the request is placed on the registry with respect to any conviction within one year of the date of the request, that information shall promptly be disclosed to the requester.