§15-3B-4. Activation of Silver Alert.
The following criteria shall be met before the State Police activate the Silver Alert:

(1) A person is believed to be cognitively impaired;

(2) The person is believed to be missing, regardless of circumstance;

(3) A person who has knowledge that the cognitively impaired person is missing has submitted a missing person's report to the State Police or other appropriate law-enforcement agency;

(4) The missing person may be in danger of death or serious bodily injury;

(5) The missing person is domiciled or believed to be located in the State of West Virginia;

(6) The missing person is, or is believed to be, at a location that cannot be determined by an individual familiar with the missing person, and the missing person is incapable of returning to the missing person's residence without assistance; and

(7) There is sufficient information available to indicate that a Silver Alert would assist in locating the missing person.