§15-5A-6. Powers and duties of the office of emergency services.

The office of emergency services, as created by article five, chapter fifteen of the code of West Virginia, shall perform the administrative duties of the state emergency response commission. The administrative duties to be performed by the office of emergency services shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

(a) Receive, catalogue and organize information required to be submitted to the commission;

(b) Utilize existing state response organizations, plans and facilities to the extent possible;

(c) Upon concurrence of the commission, enter into training exercise agreements with federal response agencies;

(d) Coordinate with other state agencies on training for first responders and emergency service personnel;

(e) Respond to requests to the commission from the public for information pursuant to this act;

(f) Perform such preliminary analysis and collect such information as may be required to enable the commission to fully review local emergency response plans; and

(g) The director may employ such clerical and technical personnel and acquire data management and other equipment and office space as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this act.