§16-2F-3. Parental notification required for abortions performed on unemancipated minors; waiver; notice to minor of right of petition to circuit court; minor to be referred for counseling.
(a) No physician may perform an abortion upon an unemancipated minor unless such physician has given or caused to be given at least twenty-four hours actual notice to one of the parents or to the legal guardian of the pregnant minor of his intention to perform the abortion, or, if the parent or guardian cannot be found and notified after a reasonable effort to do so, without first having given at least forty- eight hours constructive notice computed from the time of mailing to the parent or to the legal guardian of the minor: Provided, That prior to giving the notification required by this section, the physician shall advise the unemancipated minor of the right of petition to the circuit court for waiver of notification: Provided, however, That any such notification may be waived by a duly acknowledged writing signed by a parent or the guardian of the minor.

(b) Upon notification being given to any parent or to the legal guardian of such pregnant minor, the physician shall refer such pregnant minor to a counselor or caseworker of any church or school or of the department of human services or of any other comparable agency for the purpose of arranging or accompanying such pregnant minor in consultation with her parents. Such counselor shall thereafter be authorized to monitor the circumstances and the continued relationship of and between such minor and her parents.

(c) Parental notification required by subsection (a) of this section may be waived by a physician, other than the physician who is to perform the abortion, if such other physician finds that the minor is mature enough to make the abortion decision independently or that notification would not be in the minor's best interest: Provided, That such other physician shall not be associated professionally or financially with the physician proposing to perform the abortion.