§16-4-13. Sources of infection.
Whenever it shall appear from any venereal disease report made by a physician, or other person, or otherwise, or whenever other reasonable facts are brought to the attention of any local health officer having proper jurisdiction which show that any hotel, boardinghouse, rooming house, or other house, place or thing is the source of infection of a venereal disease, without such report or other facts showing the particular person or thing therein as the source of such infection, then the local health officer shall at once notify the owner, proprietor or person operating, running or managing said hotel, boardinghouse, rooming house, or other house, or place, of the essential facts in the case; and if the place reported as being the source of such infection be a place or house, commonly reputed in the neighborhood to be a house or place of prostitution, or house or place of like character or kind, or is commonly known to be such by the police of the city (if in any municipality), then the proprietor, manager or operator of such house and all the inmates therein shall be apprehended and dealt with the same as other persons are arrested, detained, examined, quarantined, and treated, if found infected with a venereal disease.