§16-4E-6. Confidentiality of screening tool.
(a) The uniform maternal screening tool shall be confidential and shall not be released or disclosed to anyone including any state or federal agency for any reason other than data analysis of high-risk and at-risk pregnancies for planning purposes by public health officials.

(b) Proceedings, records and opinions of the advisory council are confidential and are not subject to discovery, subpoena or introduction into evidence in any civil or criminal proceeding. Nothing in this subsection is to be construed to limit or restrict the right to discover or use in any civil or criminal proceeding anything that is available from another source and entirely independent of the proceedings of the advisory council.

(c) Members of the advisory council may not be questioned in any civil or criminal proceeding regarding information presented in or opinions formed as a result of a meeting of the panel. Nothing in this subsection may be construed to prevent a member of the advisory council from testifying to information obtained independently of the panel or which is public information.