§16-13-19. Contract with other municipalities for service of works; powers of lessee as to rates; intercepting sewers.
Any municipality operating a sewage collecting system and/or a sewage disposal plant or plants or stormwater works as defined in this article, or which as herein provided has ordered the construction or acquisition of such works (in this section called the owner), is hereby authorized to contract with one or more other municipal corporations or political subdivisions within the state (in this section called the lessee), and such lessees are hereby authorized to enter into contracts with the owners, for the service of such works to such lessees and their inhabitants, but only to the extent of the capacity of the works without impairing the usefulness thereof to the owners, upon such terms and conditions as may be fixed by the boards and approved by ordinances of the respective contracting parties: Provided, That no contract shall be made for a period of more than forty years or in violation of the provisions of said ordinance authorizing bonds hereunder or in violation of the provisions of said trust indenture.

The lessee shall by ordinance have power to establish, change and adjust rates, fees and charges for the service rendered therein by the works against the owners of the premises served, in the manner hereinbefore provided for establishing, changing and adjusting rates, fees and charges for the service rendered in the municipality where the works are owned and operated, and such rates, fees or charges shall be collectible and shall be a lien as herein provided for rates, fees and charges made by the owner.

The necessary intercepting sewers and appurtenant works for connecting the works of the owner with the sewerage system of the lessee shall be constructed by the owner and/or the lessee upon such terms and conditions as may be set forth in said contract, and the cost or that part of the cost thereof which is to be borne by the owner may be paid as a part of the cost of the works from the proceeds of bonds issued under this article unless otherwise provided by said ordinance or trust indenture prior to the issuance of the bonds. The income received by the owner under any contract shall, if so provided in said ordinance or trust indenture, be considered to be a part of the revenues of the works as in this article defined and be applied as herein provided for the application of the revenues.