§16-13-23. Article deemed full authority for construction, etc., of works and issue of bonds; alternative method; powers of state department of health unaffected.
This article, shall, without reference to any other statute, be deemed full authority for the construction, acquisition, improvement, equipment, maintenance, operation and repair of the works herein provided for and for the issuance and sale of the bonds by this article authorized, and shall be construed as an additional and alternative method therefor and for the financing thereof, and no petition or election or other or further proceeding in respect to the construction or acquisition of the works or to the issuance or sale of bonds under this article and no publication of any resolution, ordinance, notice or proceeding relating to such construction or acquisition or to the issuance or sale of such bonds shall be required except such as are prescribed by this article, any provisions of other statutes of the state to the contrary notwithstanding: Provided, however, That all functions, powers and duties of the state department of health shall remain unaffected by this article.