§16-13D-15. Rates and charges.
The governing body shall by appropriate resolution make provisions for the payment of said bonds by fixing rates, fees and charges, for the use of all services rendered by such authority, which rates, fees and charges shall be sufficient to pay the costs of operation, improvement and maintenance of the authority's water supply or wastewater transportation and/or treatment system, to provide an adequate depreciation fund, provide an adequate sinking fund to retire said bonds and pay interest thereon when due, and to create reasonable reserves for such purposes. Said fees, rates or charges shall be sufficient to allow for miscellaneous and emergency or unforeseen expenses. The resolution of the governing body authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds may include agreements, covenants or restrictions deemed necessary or advisable by the governing body to effect the efficient operation of the system and to safeguard the interests of the holders of the revenue bonds and to secure the payment of the bonds and the interest thereon.