§16-24-4. General program requirements and basic principles.
The director shall organize and maintain the program established by this article according to the following requirements:

(1) The objectives of the program must be realistic and obtainable and must promote increased quality of life for as many hemophiliacs in this state as funds permit.

(2) Priority must be given to activities designed to prevent crippling, reduce the need for hospitalization and normalize to the maximum extent practicable the life-style of as many hemophiliacs as possible.

(3) The program must make provision for review by the director of the quality of treatment being given. Review must allow consideration of new medical knowledge, changes in federal and state legislation, rules and regulations and possible alternative sources of funding to insure full representation and protection of the hemophiliacs.

(4) Cooperative linkages among providers of services must be sought and developed. Health care programs must be publicized and promoted.

(5) Patients and their families must have the freedom of choice in the type of treatment and the place of delivery.