§16-29B-7. Staff.

(a) The board may employ such persons as may be necessary to effect the provisions of this article. The board shall set the respective salaries or compensations of all staff. Any person employed by the board other than on a part-time basis shall devote full time to the performance of his or her duties as such employee during the regular working hours of the board.

(b) The board shall appoint general counsel who shall act as legal counsel to the board. The general counsel shall serve at the will and pleasure of the board:

(1) The general counsel may act to bring and to defend actions on behalf of the board in the courts of the state and in federal courts.

(2) In all adjudicative matters before the board, the general counsel shall advise the board. The staff shall represent itself in all such actions before the board.

(c) The board may contract with third parties, including state agencies, for any services that may be necessary to perform the duties imposed upon it by this article where such contractual agreements will promote economy, avoid duplication of effort or make the best use of available expertise.

(d) The board shall identify which members of the staff of the health care cost review authority shall be exempted from the salary schedules or pay plan adopted by the state personnel board, and further identify such staff members by job classification or designation, together with the salary or salary ranges for each such job classification or designation. This information shall be filed by the board with the director of the division of personnel no later than the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-one, and thereafter as necessary.