§16-34-6. Rules.

(a) To protect the health of individuals inhabiting, occupying or frequenting buildings, the department of health and human resources shall adopt rules to implement the requirements of this article. All rules adopted under this section shall be adopted in accordance with article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code.

(b) The secretary shall adopt rules:

(1) Establishing criteria and procedures to be followed in issuing and renewing licenses to radon testers, mitigation specialists or mitigation contractors, as well as the fees for the licenses. The rules may require that all applicants for licensure as a radon tester or mitigation specialist pass an examination. If an examination is required, the rules may require applicants to pass an examination conducted by the division of health or by a training center accredited by the director;

(2) Establishing criteria and procedures to be followed in approving and accrediting training courses under section five of this article. The rules shall require the participants in training courses to pass an examination conducted by the operator of the course;

(3) Establishing criteria and procedures in approving and licensing radon laboratories;

(4) Establishing standards to be followed by licensed radon testers, mitigation specialists, mitigation contractors and radon laboratories for the prevention of hazards to the public health, including standards for worker protection, record keeping and the training of employees or radon testers and mitigation contractors;

(5) Establishing procedures to be followed by an individual business entity or government entity licensed by another state to practice as a radon tester, mitigation specialist, mitigation contractor or radon laboratory in providing notice to the director prior to commencing practice in this state pursuant to section three of this article; and

(6) That require licensed radon testers and mitigation specialists to report to the director, by street address, radon test results. The rules shall require the reporting of the identity of the radon laboratory involved, screening measurements, follow-up measurements, postmitigation measurements and, if it is known that mitigation was performed, the methods of mitigation that were used. Any information required to be reported to the director under the rules is not a public record and shall not be released except in aggregate statistical form.