§16-40-2. Expansion and implementation of statewide birth defects information system.
(a) The commissioner shall establish and implement a statewide birth defects information system for the collection of information concerning congenital anomalies, stillbirths and abnormal conditions of newborns.

(b) The commissioner may require each physician, nurse-midwife, hospital and freestanding birthing center to report to the system information concerning all patients under six years of age with a primary diagnosis of a congenital anomaly or abnormal condition: Provided, That the commissioner may not require the reporting of personal identifying information or enter into the system any personal identifying information regarding congenital anomalies or abnormal conditions of a child whose parent or legal guardian objects on the basis of religious belief. The commissioner may not require a hospital, freestanding birthing center, nurse-midwife or physician to report to the system any information that is required to be reported to the commissioner or the bureau for public health under another provision of this code.

(c) On request, each physician, nurse-midwife, hospital and freestanding birthing center shall give the commissioner or authorized employees of the bureau access to the medical records of any patient described in subsection (b) of this section. The bureau shall pay the costs of copying any medical records pursuant to this section.

(d) A physician, nurse-midwife, hospital or freestanding birthing center that provides information to the system under subsection (b) of this section is not subject to criminal or civil liability for providing the information.