§19-2C-5. Requirements for auctioneer license; duties of licensee.

                                            (a) A person seeking an auctioneer license shall submit satisfactory evidence to the commissioner showing that he or she:

                                            (1) Has successfully completed the written and oral examinations required by this article;

                                            (2) Has a good reputation;

                                            He or she (3) Is of trustworthy character;

                                            (4) Has met the apprenticeship requirements set forth in this article, if applicable;

                                            (5) Is a citizen of the United States; and

                                            (6) Has a general knowledge of the auctioneering profession and the principles involved in conducting an auction.

                                            (b) A licensee shall:

                                            (1) Promptly produce for inspection his or her license at all sales conducted by or participated in by the licensee when requested to do so by any person; and

                                            (2) Keep complete and accurate records of all transactions engaged in for a period of three years.

                                            (c) For the purposes of this section, the term "record" includes, but is not limited to:

                                            (1) Copies of signed contracts, including the names of buyers and their addresses;

                                            (2) Clerk sheets showing items sold, including buyers numbers or names, and the selling prices; and

                                            (3) Final settlement papers.

                                            (d) The records of the auctioneer shall be open to inspection by the commissioner or his or her authorized representative.