§19-5-1. Standard grades for closed packages of fruits and vegetables.
The commissioner of agriculture shall establish and promulgate from time to time official standard grades for all closed packages of fruits and vegetables, by which the quantity, quality and size may be determined, and prescribe and promulgate rules and regulations governing the markings which shall be required upon packages of fruits and vegetables for the purpose of showing the name and address of the producer or packer, the variety, quantity, quality and size of the product.

It is the intent of this article that the commissioner of agriculture of West Virginia shall promulgate all United States standard grades for fruits and vegetables, and, after consulting with the president of the state horticultural society and a committee of five fruit and vegetable growers appointed by the president of said society, such committee to be made up of growers from the various fruit and vegetable producing sections of the state, shall, with their advice and consent, establish such other grades within this state as in their judgment may be advisable.