§19-9-18. Removal of animals, etc., from quarantined area; running at large of dogs in such area.
After the establishment of any quarantine authorized by this article, and the posting of the notices required by law, it shall be unlawful for any person, during the continuance of such quarantine, without a special permit in writing from the commissioner, to remove any animal from or to any premises within the limits of the quarantine, or to remove from any quarantined area or premises any hay, straw, grain, fodder, or other food, or to remove any coop, car, wagon, vehicle, vessel or premises so quarantined, or to sell, exchange, give away, lease, lend or remove, or allow to be removed, any quarantined domestic animal or animals. It shall be unlawful, during the continuance of such quarantine, after notice as aforesaid, for the owner of any dog to permit such dog to run at large in any such quarantined locality, or for any person to remove, or permit to be removed, any dog from such quarantined area. Any dog found running at large in such quarantined area, or known to have been removed from or to have escaped from such area, as aforesaid, may be secured and confined, or may be shot or otherwise destroyed by any person, without liability therefor.