§19-9-24. Importation of dairy or breeding animal unaccompanied by health certificate and test chart.
Any bovine animal, not accompanied by the health certificate and tuberculin test chart required by section twenty-three of this article, may be brought into this state only under the direct supervision of an officer, or agent of the commissioner, subject to the provisions of section twenty-one of this article and to the following regulations: Each animal shall be held in close quarantine, at the cost and expense of the owner, at such place, under such conditions and during such time as may be prescribed by the commissioner, and during the period of such quarantine shall be submitted to a physical examination and tuberculin test by an agent of the commissioner. The examination and test shall be at the expense of the owner. If the costs and expenses aforesaid are not paid by the owner, they may be recovered by the commissioner as provided in section twenty-one of this article.