§19-9-30. Appraisal of infected or exposed animals; amount; arbitration; fees of arbitrators.
The commissioner or the commissioner's agent shall act as appraiser and shall appraise each infected or directly exposed animal within five days before euthanizing the animal, basing the amount upon the class and market value of the animal at the time of the appraisal, whether for breeding purposes or for milk or meat production. Animals reacting to any approved test, but not exhibiting any physical evidence of disease, shall be appraised without considering the presence of a diseased condition, but animals exhibiting any physical evidence of disease shall be appraised as infected animals: Provided, That where indemnities are claimed for directly exposed animals euthanized on account of rabies infection, appraisal shall be based on the value of the animal before it became infected. If the amount of appraisal of any animal, as determined by the appraiser, is not satisfactory to the owner of the animal, the owner shall immediately notify the appraiser of this fact, setting forth the reason for complaint. The amount of the appraisal shall then be determined by arbitrators, one to be appointed by the appraiser and one by the owner of the animal. If these arbitrators are not able to agree on the amount of appraisal, a third arbitrator shall be appointed by them, whose decision shall be final. Compensation for the arbitrators appointed by the owner and the appraiser shall be paid by the party appointing the arbitrator, and in case a third arbitrator is chosen, the third arbitrator shall be paid by the party against whom the decision is made.