§19-12A-3. Farm management commission continued; composition; chairman; quorum; meetings; vacancies.

The farm management commission heretofore created is hereby continued and shall be composed of three members who are the commissioner of agriculture, who shall be chairman, the secretary of the department of administration and the dean of the West Virginia university college of agriculture and forestry. No business may be transacted by the commission in the absence of a quorum which consists of two members including the chairman. The farm management commission shall hold meetings at least once every two months and on call of the chairman.

If a vacancy occurs on the commission, the farm management director, as provided in this article, shall act as a member of the commission until the vacancy is filled.

If a vacancy occurs in the office of the commissioner of agriculture, the members of the commission and the farm management director shall select, from among them, a chairman to serve until a commissioner of agriculture is appointed or elected and qualified.

Pursuant to the provisions of section four, article ten, chapter four of this code, the farm management commission shall continue to exist until the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-four, to allow for the completion of an audit by the joint committee on government operations.