§19-20A-7. Enforcement of article.
The enforcement of the provisions of this article is in the hands of the sheriff of each county, any of his or her deputies, constables, natural resources police officers, and, if considered necessary, there shall be a special officer to be appointed by the county commission, who is authorized, empowered, and directed to inspect rabies, pick up dogs and cats and dispose of dogs which are not taxable or not vaccinated according to this article. The sheriff of each county can have one or more sittings, if considered necessary, in each district of the county, at which he or she shall be present or have present one of his or her deputies or the special officer above provided for, to take charge of all delinquent dogs and cats and homeless dogs and cats that are not vaccinated. The assessor of each county, or one of his or her deputies, shall accompany the veterinarian, doctor, or the one who administers the vaccine in these sittings for the purpose of collecting taxes on dogs. All dogs which are not vaccinated and for which taxes are unpaid become the responsibility of the sheriff to catch and dispose of as is provided by law.