§19-21-9. Organization of board of supervisors; duties and compensation.
The board of supervisors immediately after their election shall choose one of their number president of the board, and elect some suitable person secretary who may or may not be a member of the board. Such board shall adopt a seal with a suitable device, and shall keep a record of all its proceedings, as hereinafter provided, which shall be open to the inspection of all owners of real estate and other property herein described of the district, as well as to all other interested parties. The board shall report to the landowners at the annual meeting held under the provisions of section seven of this article what work has been done, either by the engineers or otherwise. The members of the board shall receive, for attending to business for and in behalf of such district, actual transportation expenses, which shall be audited by the board before payment and each member shall receive four dollars per day as compensation for his services while actually engaged in work for the district: Provided, however, That if the secretary be a member of the board, he shall be entitled to compensation as hereinafter provided.