§20-1-18. Government cooperation; projects; finances; properties.
In addition to all other powers and authority vested in the director, he is hereby authorized and empowered to represent and advance the interests of the state of West Virginia under provisions of acts of Congress now in force or hereafter enacted providing for cooperation between the governments of the United States and of the several states in the exploration, development, conservation, use and enjoyment of natural resources. He may acquire by purchase or lease, as in this chapter provided, such lands, interests in lands, forests, parks, recreational facilities, wildlife and water areas and such other properties within this state as may be required in cooperative programs with any other government or governments, and, with the approval of the governor, may negotiate and effect self-liquidating loans with the government of the United States or any agency or agencies thereof for the procurement, development and use of all such properties. All such projects shall be in the interest and for the benefit of the state and may be geared and timed to relieve economic hardship and unemployment.

In order to consolidate forest tracts under either state or federal administration, the director may sell, purchase or exchange stumpage or lands within or adjacent to any national forest purchase area.

The director shall study the land and water boundary areas of the state and, where practicable, cooperate with adjacent states in programs for the development, conservation and use of waters, forests, minerals, wildlife and other natural resources.