§20-2-5g. Use of a crossbow to hunt.

  (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code to the contrary, any person lawfully entitled to hunt may hunt with a crossbow during big game firearms season. A person who possesses a valid Class Y permit may also hunt with a crossbow in accordance with section forty-two-w of this article. Further, the director shall designate a separate season for crossbow hunting and identify which species of wildlife may be hunted with a crossbow.

  (b) Only crossbows meeting all of the following specifications may be used for hunting in West Virginia:

  (1) The crossbow has a minimum draw weight of one hundred twenty-five pounds;

  (2) The crossbow has a working safety; and

  (3) The crossbow is used with bolts and arrows not less than eighteen inches in length with a broad head having at least two sharp cutting edges, measuring at least three fourths of an inch in width.