§20-2B-8. Privileges of lifetime licensees.
Pursuant to section seven of this article, lifetime licensees shall be entitled to the same privileges and subject to the same restrictions as licensees possessing the equivalent annual license with the following exceptions:

(1) Class A-L, AB-L, B-L and O-L licenses shall be valid for the lifetime of the licensee;

(2) A Class O-L lifetime resident trout fishing license shall be issued only to residents of the state and shall be valid only when accompanied by a Class AB-L, B, B-L, X or XJ license; and

(3) No additional fee shall be required of Class A-L, AB-L or B-L licensees for the conservation stamp required by section nine of this article. No additional fee shall be required of Class A-L or AB-L licensees for the Class BG stamp required by section forty-two-v, article two of this chapter.