§20-5J-5. Designation of secretary of the department of health and human resources as the state infectious medical waste management primary agency; prohibitions; requiring permits.

(a) The secretary is hereby designated as the infectious medical waste management primary agency for this state and is hereby authorized to take all action necessary or appropriate to secure to this state the benefits of this legislation pertaining to infectious medical waste. In carrying out the purposes of this article, the secretary is hereby authorized to cooperate with agencies of the federal government, this state and other states, and other interested persons, in all matters relating to medical waste management.

(b) On or after the first day of October, one thousand nine hundred ninety-one, no person may own, construct, modify, operate or close any facility or site for the treatment, storage or disposal of infectious medical waste, nor shall any person store, treat or dispose of any such infectious medical waste without first obtaining a permit from the secretary, unless specifically excluded or exempted by rules promulgated by the secretary.