§20-16-2. Legislative purpose.
The Legislature finds that West Virginia is blessed by geography and natural features that make it ideal for a host of adventure and recreational activities attractive to nonprofit youth organizations interested in training and inspiring thousands of young people from other parts of the United States and throughout the world. The location by these organizations of facilities within the state will contribute significantly to the economy of West Virginia, and enhance the state's reputation as a place to visit and transact business. Because it is recognized that there are inherent risks in various adventure and recreational activities which should be understood by participants therein and which are essentially impossible for the organizations and their providers to eliminate, it is the purpose of this article to define those areas of responsibility and those affirmative acts for which these nonprofit organizations and their providers of adventure and recreational activities shall be liable for loss, damage or injury suffered by participants, and to further define those risks which the participants expressly assume and for which there can be no recovery.