§21-3-3. Guarding shafts, hatchways, wheel holes, elevators and electrical apparatus; requiring correction of unsafe conditions.
All hoistways, hatchways, elevators, wells and wheel holes in factories, mercantile establishments, mills or workshops, shall be securely fenced, inclosed or otherwise safely protected, and due diligence shall be used to keep all such means of protection closed, except when it is necessary to have the same open in order that such hatchways, elevators or hoisting apparatus may be used. All elevator cabs or cars, whether used for freight or passengers, shall be provided with some device, whereby the car or cab may be held, in the event of accident, to the shipper rope or hoisting machinery or controlling apparatus. If any elevator, machine, electrical apparatus or system of wiring, or any part or parts thereof, in any factory, mercantile establishment, mill or workshop, are in an unsafe condition, or are not properly guarded, where reasonable to guard the same, the owner, or lessee, or his agent, superintendent or other person in charge thereof, shall, upon notice from the commissioner of labor or factory inspector, remedy such unsafe condition within a reasonable time after receiving such notice.