§21-3C-10b. Issuance and renewal of licenses.

     (a) Upon approval of a properly completed application for licensure, the commissioner may issue a person a license under the provisions of this article.

     (b) The licenses issued under the provisions of this article shall be renewed biennially upon application for renewal on a form prescribed by the commissioner and payment of a fee established by legislative rule.

     (c) Upon a proper application for renewal, the commissioner shall renew a license, even if the license holder is unemployed or not working in the industry at the time of renewal: Provided, That before the license holder may engage or offer to engage in the business of erecting, constructing, installing, altering, servicing, repairing, or maintaining an elevator or related conveyance covered by this article, the license holder shall be a contractor, or be employed by a contractor licensed pursuant to the provisions of section ten(a); article eleven, chapter twenty-one of the code.