§21-15-11. Notice of serious physical injury or fatality; investigations; records available to public.

 An operator of a zipline or canopy tour shall notify the division not later than twenty-four hours after any fatality or accident occurring as a result of the operation of the zipline or canopy tour that results in a serious physical injury to any person requiring medical treatment or results in a loss of consciousness to any person. Notice to the division may be oral, written or by electronic means, but this notice requirement in no way limits the an operators responsibility to notify emergency or law enforcement personnel of the incident as soon as is reasonably practicable. The division shall investigate each fatality or accident and any safety-related complaint involving a zipline or canopy tour in this state about which the division receives notice. Every operator of a zipline or canopy tour shall keep a record of each accident or fatality and the record shall be kept with the certificate of inspection required by this article and shall be readily accessible to the public for inspection at any reasonable time at the place where the zipline or canopy tour is located.