§21A-2A-5. Payments to private business employers; maximums.
The commissioner shall reimburse private business employers of eligible unemployed persons from funds appropriated and made available by the Legislature to the commissioner. Such reimbursement shall equal one half of the employer's prevailing starting hourly wage for each person employed under the provisions of this article, but the state's share of the total reimbursement shall not exceed the federal hourly minimum wage. The workweek shall not exceed forty hours per week, per eligible employee, nor shall any reimbursement extend for a period longer than six months. In addition to the compensation provided under the emergency employment supplemental matching program to the employee, each private business employer shall pay an additional sum to each such employee of not less than one half the employer's prevailing starting hourly wage plus applicable costs for each such employee of payments for workers' compensation and employer social security requirements. Any employment and reimbursement provided for in this section shall be agreed to in writing by the employer, the prospective employee and the commissioner prior to such employee's actual employment.

The commissioner shall provide by rule and regulation: The total number of employees who may be employed by any single private business employer under this program, the total number of employees who may be employed under the entire program and the priority preference to be given eligible unemployed persons who are heads of households.

The commissioner may promulgate such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the provisions of this article, as may be deemed necessary by him to provide for proper administration of this article.

Any funds appropriated for this program which have not been committed for private sector employment purposes within a reasonable period of time determined by the commissioner to be necessary for implementation of this article shall be redistributed for public employment purposes: Provided, That this is consistent with the language of the legislative appropriation making the funds available.