§21A-9-5a. Special administration fund.

There is hereby created in the state treasury a fund to be known as the employment security special administration fund, which shall consist of interest collected on delinquent payments pursuant to section seventeen, article five of this chapter. The moneys deposited with this fund are hereby appropriated and made available to the order of the commissioner for the purpose of (a) replacements in the employment security administration fund as provided in section eight of this article, (b) to meet special, extraordinary, and contingent expenses not provided for in the employment security administration fund, (c) refunds pursuant to section nineteen of article five, of interest erroneously collected, and (d) cover expenditures for which federal funds have been authorized but not yet received, subject to repayment to the fund. This fund shall be administered and disbursed in the same manner and under the same conditions as other special funds of the state treasury. Balances to the credit of the special administration fund shall not lapse at any time but shall be continuously available to the commissioner for expenditures consistent with this chapter: Provided, That (1) not more than seven hundred fifty thousand dollars shall be expended from said fund in any fiscal year; (2) that at the beginning of each calendar quarter the commissioner shall estimate the amount that may be required in that quarter for refunds of interest erroneously collected; (3) that thereupon the excess, if any, over the amounts provided to be expended under this section shall be paid into the unemployment compensation trust fund.