§22-11-14. Information to be filed by certain persons with division; tests.

Any and all persons directly or indirectly discharging or depositing treated or untreated sewage, industrial wastes, or other wastes, or the effluent therefrom, into or near any waters of the state shall file with the director such information as the director may reasonably require on forms prescribed for such purpose, including, but not limited to, data as to the kind, characteristics, amount and rate of flow of such discharge or deposit. If the director has reasonable cause to believe that any establishment is, or may be, polluting the waters of the state, the director may require any person owning, operating or maintaining such establishment to furnish such information as may reasonably be required to ascertain whether such establishment is, or may be causing such pollution, and the director may conduct any test or tests that he or she may deem necessary or useful in making his or her investigation and determination.