§22-15A-7. Pollution prevention and open dumps.
(a) The Secretary shall establish the Pollution Prevention and Open Dump (PPOD) Program to encourage the proper disposal of commercial and residential solid waste and to undertake all reclamation, clean up and remedial actions necessary to minimize or mitigate damage to the environment, natural resources, public water supplies, water resources and the public health, safety and welfare which may result from open dumps or solid waste not disposed of in a proper or lawful manner. The program shall seek to eliminate open dumps, which often include waste tires and to recycle as many items as possible from these reclamation efforts. This program shall be funded through the Solid Waste Reclamation and Environmental Response Fund established in section eleven, article fifteen of this chapter.

(b) Authorized representatives of the Department have the right, upon presentation of proper identification, to enter upon any property for the purpose of conducting studies or exploratory work to determine the existence of adverse effects of an open dump, to determine the feasibility of the reclamation or prevention of such adverse effects and to conduct reclamation activities provided herein. Such entry is an exercise of the police power of the state and for the protection of public health, safety and general welfare and is not an act of condemnation of property or trespass thereon. Nothing contained in this section eliminates any obligation to follow any process that may be required by law.