§22-16-15. Procedures for handling remedial actions; payment of costs of remedial actions to be paid by owner or operator.

When the director, in performing activities pursuant to this article determines action, not set forth in subsection (b), section three of this article, is necessary to prevent or remediate any adverse effects of the landfill he or she shall notify the permittee and make and enter an order directing the permittee to take corrective or remedial action. The order shall contain findings of fact upon which the director based his or her determination to make and enter such order. The director shall fix a time limit for the completion of such action.

The director shall cause a copy of any such order to be served by registered or certified mail or by a law-enforcement officer upon such person.

If the corrective action is not taken within the time limit or the permittee notifies the director that it is unable to comply with the order, the director may expend amounts, as provided herein, to make the remediation.

The costs reasonably incurred in any remedial action taken by the director as provided in this article may be paid for initially by amounts available to the director in the fund created in subdivision (3), subsection (h), section eleven, article fifteen of this chapter or, to the extent funds are available, from the fund created in section twelve of this article, and such sums so expended, if not promptly repaid by the permittee upon request of the director, may be recovered from the permittee by appropriate civil action to be initiated by the attorney general upon request of the director. All funds so recovered shall be deposited in the fund from which said funds were expended.