§22-19-6. State hazardous waste contingency plan.

The director shall promulgate rules in compliance with chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, establishing a state hazardous waste contingency plan which shall set forth procedures and standards for responding to hazardous waste emergencies, releases of hazardous substances, for conducting remedial cleanup and maintenance of hazardous waste sites and for making expenditures from the fund after the date of promulgation of the plan. The plan shall include:

(a) Methods for discovering, reporting and investigating sites at which hazardous waste or hazardous substances may present significant risk of harm to the public health and safety or to the environment;

(b) Methods and criteria for establishing priority responses and for determining the appropriate extent of cleanup, containment and other measures authorized by this article;

(c) Appropriate roles for governmental, interstate and nongovernmental entities in effectuating the plan;

(d) Methods for identifying, procuring, maintaining, and storing hazardous waste response equipment and supplies; and

(e) Methods to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective emergency and remedial actions in view of the relative risk or danger presented by each case or event.