§22-22-13. Certificate of completion.

(a) The licensed remediation specialist shall issue a final report to the person undertaking the voluntary remediation when the property meets the applicable standards and all work has been completed as contemplated in the voluntary remediation agreement or the site assessment shows that all applicable standards are being met. Upon receipt of the final report, the person may seek a certificate of completion from the director.

(b) The director may delegate the responsibility for issuance of a certificate of completion to a licensed remediation specialist in limited circumstances, as specified by rule pursuant to this article.

(c) The certificate of completion shall contain a provision relieving a person who undertook the remediation and subsequent successors and assigns from all liability to the state as provided under this article which shall remain effective as long as the property complies with the applicable standards in effect at the time the certificate of completion was issued. This certificate is subject to reopener provisions of section fifteen of this article and may, if applicable, result in a land-use covenant as provided in section fourteen of this article.