§22-28-3. Creation of community infrastructure investment project; certificate of appropriateness; rule-making authority.
(a) There is hereby created a Community Infrastructure Investment Program within the Department of Environmental Protection. This Program will facilitate the construction or expansion of project facilities for the promotion of economic development and the protection of public health and environment in the state. Any public service district or municipal utility that wishes to accept a project facility constructed pursuant to a community infrastructure investment agreement with a project cost not to exceed ten million dollars may apply to the secretary for approval of such project. Nothing herein shall be construed to require a public service district or municipal utility to use this program.

(b) Where the Secretary shall have found that the community infrastructure investment project shall have met the requirements contained in this article, the Secretary shall issue a certificate of appropriateness to the municipal utility or public service district as evidence of such approval.

(c) Municipal utilities or public service districts may jointly enter into agreements with persons for the purpose of applying to the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection for approval of project facilities. The minimum terms and conditions of such agreements are established by the provisions of section four of this article.

(d) The Secretary will, by legislative rule, establish the criteria for the approval of such projects and shall have sole authority to make such determination.