§22A-2-57. No act permitted endangering security of mine; search for intoxicants, matches, etc.
(a) No miner, worker or other person shall knowingly injure any shaft, lamp, instrument, air course, or brattice, or obstruct or throw open airways, or carry matches or open lights in the places worked by safety lights, or disturb any part of the machinery or appliances, open a door closed for directing ventilation and not close it again, or enter any part of a mine against caution, or disobey any order of any mine foreman or assistant mine foreman given in carrying out any of the provisions of this section.

(b) Open lights, smoking, and smokers' articles, including matches, are prohibited in all mines. No person shall at any time enter mines with or carry therein any matches, pipes, cigars, cigarettes, or any device for making lights or fire not authorized or approved. The operator shall at frequent intervals search, or cause to be searched, any person, including his clothing and material belongings, entering or about to enter the mine, or inside the mine, to prevent such person from taking or carrying therein any of the above-mentioned articles.

(c) No person shall at any time carry into any mine any intoxicants or enter any mine while under the influence of intoxicants.