§22A-2-61. Coal storage bins; recovery tunnels; coal storage piles.

(a) Coal storage bins hereafter constructed with vertical sides fifty feet or over in height shall be provided with ventilators or louvers or both to provide adequate ventilation. Where roofs are constructed over coal storage bins, adequate ventilation shall be provided by stacks, ventilators, louvers or mechanical means.

(b) Where cutting or welding is performed at any location where coal is stored, means of prompt extinguishment of any fire accidentally started shall be provided, and the area where cutting or welding is performed shall be adequately watered down and rock-dusted.

(c) A qualified person shall test for methane with a methane detector prior to and during cutting and welding operations inside or underneath a coal storage bin.

(d) Electric motors, switches and controls for coal storage bins hereafter acquired shall be of dust-tight construction.

(e) Repairs to electric equipment shall not be made when the surrounding atmosphere contains dangerous amounts of gas or dust.

(f) Where electric lights are used in recovery tunnels of over one hundred feet in length, the wiring shall be in rigid conduit and shall be enclosed in waterproof receptacles.

(g) An escapeway shall be provided from any recovery tunnel hereafter constructed to a safe place on the surface; such escapeway shall be at least thirty inches in diameter and where inclined, a ladder shall be provided to extend full length of the escapeway to facilitate emergency exit.

(h) Extreme caution shall be exercised by all employees required to work at or near coal storage piles during coal recovery operations to avoid injury by coal slides or by being in or drawn into a chute.