§22B-1-12. Savings provisions.

(a) All orders, determinations, rules, permits, grants, contracts, certificates, licenses, waivers, bonds, authorizations and privileges which have been issued, made, granted or allowed to become effective by a board in the performance of functions which are affected by the enactment of this chapter, and which are in effect on the date this chapter becomes effective, shall continue in effect according to their terms until modified, terminated, superseded, set aside or revoked in accordance with the law.

(b) The provisions of this chapter do not affect any appeals, proceedings, including notices of proposed rule making, or any application for any license, permit, certificate or financial assistance pending on the effective date of this chapter, before any of the boards. Orders shall be issued in such proceedings, appeals shall be taken therefrom, and payments shall be made pursuant to such orders, as if this chapter had not been enacted; and orders issued in any such proceedings shall continue in effect until modified, terminated, superseded or revoked by the board within which jurisdiction to do so is vested, by a court of competent jurisdiction or by operation of law. Nothing in this subsection prohibits the discontinuance or modification of any such proceeding under the same terms and conditions and to the same extent that the proceeding could have been discontinued or modified if this chapter had not been enacted.

(c) Orders and actions of a board in the exercise of functions amended by under this chapter are subject to judicial review to the same extent and in the same manner as if such orders and actions had been by a board exercising such functions immediately preceding the enactment of this chapter.