§22C-8-4. Shallow gas well review board; membership; method of appointment; vacancies; compensation and expenses; staff.

(a) There is hereby continued the " Shallow Gas Well Review Board" which shall be composed of three members, two of whom shall be the commissioner and the chief of the office of oil and gas. The remaining member of the board shall be a registered professional who has been successfully tested in mining engineering, with at least ten years practical experience in the coal mining industry and shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate: Provided, That any person so appointed while the Senate of this state is not in session shall be permitted to serve in an acting capacity for one year from appointment or until the next session of the Legislature, whichever is less. As soon as practical after appointment and qualification of the member appointed by the governor, the governor shall convene a meeting of the board for the purpose of organizing and electing a chair, who serves as such until a successor is elected by the board.

(b) A vacancy in the membership appointed by the governor shall be filled by appointment by the governor within sixty days after the occurrence of such vacancy. Before performing any duty hereunder, each member of the board shall take and subscribe to the oath required by section 5, article IV of the Constitution of West Virginia, and serves thereafter until a successor has been appointed and qualified.

(c) The member of the board appointed by the governor shall be paid the same compensation, and each member of the board shall be paid the expense reimbursement, as is paid to members of the Legislature for their interim duties as recommended by the citizens legislative compensation commission and authorized by law for each day or portion thereof engaged in the discharge of official duties. Each member of the board shall also be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in the performance of the duties as a member of the board.

(d) The division shall furnish office and clerical staff and supplies and services, including reporters for hearings, as required by the board.